Team format

Team Format

  • Entry fee is £100 per team.
  • Teams must have a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 8 players.
  • Played to Blackball rules, teams will typically play 48 frames of pool, before they can be knocked out of the tournament.
  • If a player is required to play in a singles match at the same time that his/her team is also playing, then the team must play a reserve in his/her place.
  • Players lag for break at start of each frame.
  • Order of play sheet must be completed for each match prior to starting, and is divided into sets of 5 frames.
  • Players can only play once in any set and reserve players can be included in any match.

Friday Round Robin

  • Teams divided into random groups of 4 to play a round robin. Each match consists of 10 frames, 2 sets of 5 frames; teams must play all frames.
  • Teams score 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. Frame difference ranks teams with equal points.
  • Top two teams from each group enter the Team Trophy Round Robin on Saturday.
  • Bottom two teams from each group enter the Plate Round Robin on Saturday.

Saturday Round Robin

  • The second round robin stage, with 16 groups of 4 teams competing for the TROPHY event.
  • Other 16 groups of 4 teams competing for the PLATE event.
  • Top two teams from every group will go through to the knockout round.
  • Teams ARE NOT seeded for the group stages or the knockout stages.
  • All matches to be THE BEST of 10 frames – race to 6.
  • If teams tie on frames – 5 each, then a Blackball shootout will decide the winner.
  • Teams receive 2 points for a win.
  • Teams that are tied on points in group stages will decide the winner through a Blackball shootout. Frame difference will not be used.

Sunday Knockout 

  • Last 32 knockout stages for both the Team Trophy and Plate events.
  • Format will be best of 10 knockout stage – if a tie occurs at 5 frames all, match goes to a penalty shootout, to decide the winner.

Penalty Shootout Rule

  • 5 penalties are taken by each team, highest scorer wins. Sudden death if tie occurs.
  • An order of play sheet must be created and followed.
  • The black ball is placed on the spot at the rack end of the table.
  • Player can position cue ball anywhere behind the baulk line.
  • Player must pot the black ball, using one shot, to score a goal.
  • If the black ball fails to pot, or the white ball is potted or a foul is committed, then the penalty is considered a miss.
  • If score is a draw after all shots taken, then a sudden death round begins, following the order of play sheet.
  • Both players must take their shot i.e. if player one misses, then their opponent must take their shot and pot to win.

Singles Format

  • £20 entry for Men or Ladies.
  • Men’s singles qualifiers will commence on Thursday afternoon and will continue through the night.
  • Ladies qualifiers will commence 9pm Thursday evening.
  • Players simply ‘pay and play’ and must win two matches to qualify for the main singles event, to start Friday evening.
  • Last entry will be 11.30pm, so players have plenty of time to arrive on the Thursday and enter.
  • Qualifiers are best of 5 frames.
  • Players from the same team will not be drawn together in the qualifiers.
  • Main event will be a random draw.
  • Main event will be best of 5 frames, with final being best of 7.

Doubles Format

  • £25 entry per pair.
  • The mixed doubles will be played in a ‘Davies Cup’ format, best of 5 frames.
  • Men from each pair play the women from each opposing pair in a singles format for the first two frames, then the 3rd frame is played in a ‘Scotch’ doubles format, where partners must take alternate shots, the final two frames played in a singles format is lady v lady then man v man.
  • No talking between partners during frames, apart from the 3rd ‘Scotch’ doubles frame, when you must stop talking once your visit is on and have touched the table.