Our Story

BAPTO is the UK’s longest running amateur pool weekend, now in its 45th year. Originally created in 1977 for the winning teams of various pub pool leagues, BAPTO has grown massively to attract amateur teams from all over the UK and now France!

Played to Blackball rules, this event is open to all genuine pub and club pool teams that play in an official league.

Professionals of any cue sports genre are not allowed to enter.

We simply want our players to experience the finest tournament playing conditions whilst also enjoying a great weekend away with their team mates.

Over 40 years in the making

B.A.P.T.O. was formed in 1975 as a non-profit organisation in order to unify the activities of those who undertake the supply of pool tables to the licensed trade.

Prize Fund

With an attractive prize fund of over £28,000 spread across two weekend events, minimum 48 frames of pool per team and fun local attractions, players can make a real weekend of it. 

This is not just a pool competition but also a great weekend away with your friends, worthy of reminiscing for many years to come!

The Venue

The Norbreck Castle arguably provides one the best playing arenas in the UK – and Blackpool is certainly a hot favourite as an ideal setting. We will be installing 42 Sam Atlantic pool tables, all covered in the fastest playing Hainsworth Precision cloth, and graced by the new Aramith Super Pro tournament edition balls.