Player & Guest conduct

Everything you need to know about the player conduct for BAPTO


  1. Our relaxed and friendly approach to running tournaments is not a weakness; it is what makes our events welcoming with a good atmosphere!
  2. We pride ourselves on being friendly, respectful and approachable but expect the same in return.
  3. We believe in pool for all, regardless of ability or skill level. All our players will be treated equally.
  4. The BAPTO is a prestigious competition and we only want teams of good character and manner to be participating, to help make it an enjoyable and friendly weekend for all involved. The tournament committee will carefully assess every team application and will reject any team or player deemed detrimental to the tournament. Those with the wrong attitude or demeanour are not welcome.
  5. Players or teams who do not play within the spirit of the game, behave in an unsportsmanlike way, act aggressively, spoil the enjoyment of others or bring the tournament into disrepute, risk being banned from future events and ejected from the hotel. We will not tolerate this type of behaviour at our tournaments and we will take the appropriate action after an event to deal with those that have caused problems. Repeat offenders will receive life bans.
  6. In an event of a dispute, the organiser’s decision is final – players or teams that continue to dispute our decision, risk being disqualified from the tournament and banned from future events. Any complaints must be made in writing after the event.
  7. Team captains are responsible for the behaviour of their players and spectators in the arena AND hotel premises. Players or teams that misbehave, or are reported to us by the hotel, risk being ejected from hotel and disqualified from the tournament. Serious offenders will be banned from future events.
  8. Social Media Policy: Those intent on negative, rude and abusive social media trolling, or those posting continuous derogatory comments, to try and damage the reputation of our events, organisers or staff, will not be welcome at any of our tournaments. Those that support these individuals on social media, also risk being banned.  We welcome constructive criticism, sensible debate and fair feedback – we pride ourselves on listening to players. But we will not tolerate nastiness, slanderous comments, bullying or unreasonable negative individuals. We don’t need you and we certainly don’t want you at our events or in our social media groups.
  9. It is a criminal offence to set off a false fire alarm, or move / play with firefighting equipment within the hotel. Any player or guest caught doing this will be reported to the police and ejected from the hotel and their team disqualified from the tournament. They will be liable to prosecution and banned from all future Golden 8 Ball and BAPTO events. The hotel has CCTV and perpetrators will be caught and arrested. This is very serious and the hotel and tournament do not treat offenders lightly.