Dress code & conduct

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Need to knows

Is there a dress code on Thursday night?

No. Players can dress as they wish on Thursday night.

Is there a dress code for guests?

No. Guests can dress as they wish during the tournament.

What is the dress code for the tournament?

All players in the playing arena must be dressed in keeping with the status of the event. Players must wear trousers, shoes and a shirt with a collar whilst playing in any main event. Jeans, trainers, tracksuits, denim, collarless shirts, t-shirts, fancy dress or any scruffy attire will not be permitted.

Players unsuitably dressed must change if they wish to continue playing. Refusal will lead to loss of frames and ejection from arena.

  1. Team names must incorporate the name of the pub or club they represent. Names deemed rude or offensive will not be allowed.
  2. Players or teams who do not play within the spirit of the game, behave in an unsportsmanlike way, act aggressively, spoil the enjoyment of others or bring the tournament into disrepute, risk being banned from future events and ejected from the hotel. We will not tolerate this type of behaviour at our tournaments and we will take the appropriate action after an event to deal with offenders. Repeat offenders will receive life bans.
  3. In an event of a dispute, the organiser’s decision is final – players or teams that continue to dispute the decision risk being disqualified from the tournament. Any complaints must be made in writing after the event.
  4. BAPTO is a prestigious competition and we only want teams of good character and manner to be participating, to help make it an enjoyable and friendly weekend for all involved. The tournament committee will carefully assess every team application and will reject any team or player deemed detrimental to the tournament.
  5. Our relaxed approach to running tournaments is not a weakness; it is what makes our events welcoming with a good atmosphere.