Team entry criteria

Everything you need to know
  1. In urban areas with a population of 25,000+, all team members must live within 8 miles of their nominated pub/club.
  2. In rural areas, all team members must live within 16 miles of their nominated pub/club.
  3. If any team member does not fall within this residential qualification, you may apply for an exception to the rule in writing, stating your reasons for an exception. Send to: ‘BAPTO Team Applications’, UK Pub Pool Ltd, Spring Valley Mills, Stanningley, Pudsey LS28 6DW
  4. BAPTO Committee will review all requests for an exception to the rule and make a decision.
  5. Exception to the geographical rule can be applied for, if teams can prove they play together as a genuine pub or club team, in a recognised local league.
  6. Also, ladies teams and teams of mixed gender will usually be granted an exception to the geographical rule, as less ladies play the game, therefore it can be harder to find a team within 8 miles.
  7. County teams WILL NOT be granted an exception to the rule. This competition is for genuine pub and club teams that play in a local league.
  8. No professional players of any cue sports genre, or any player that has been classed as cue sports professional within last two years of the date of the tournament are allowed entry.
  9. Minimum age for competitors is 14.
  10. Only one adult male ‘A’ international player per team, including reserves – no limit to ‘B’s or ‘C’s.
  11. Any team found in breach of these rules may be disqualified and forfeit any prize monies. Players maybe asked to provide proof of identity at finals.
  12. Teams suspected of cheating, should be reported to BAPTO BEFORE the event.
  13. The BAPTO tournament committee’s decision is final. Only teams deemed genuine will be allowed entry to the finals.
  14. Please read the full tournament terms and conditions.