Tournament wristbands

Booking the BAPTO pool accomodation package

All players and guests must have a weekend tournament wristband to gain access to the event – these are provided FREE to players and guests who book the BAPTO pool accommodation package with the Norbreck Castle Hotel. Players can only book the pool accommodation package, once they have registered their team.

An accommodation booking form will be emailed to the team manager, once their team has been accepted by the tournament committee.

Guests that book directly with the Norbreck hotel, will not receive free wristands, as they will not be on the pool package rate. Please only use the official BAPTO pool package accommodation booking form, if you woish to receive free wristbands.

Staying elsewhere

Players not booking the Norbreck pool package can purchase their weekend tournament wristband at the event on Thursday evening or Friday morning. These cost £40 for players or £20 for spectators.

Players are to collect their tournament wristbands from the playing arena, after they have checked into the hotel on Thursday.

Wearing your wristband at the event

Wristbands must be worn at all times in the arena and no player or spectator will be allowed access without a wristband.

Damaged wristbands can be exchanged free of charge at the organisers desk.

Wristband Prices

  • Player wristband – £40.00
  • Spectator wristband – £20.00 
  • Spectator day wristband – £10.00

Staying Elsewhere?

  • Players and guests are welcome to stay in alternative accommodation, but must purchase a wristband to gain entry to the event.